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Lucky One - Natural - Front Pocket.png

A note from the Artist.

Caught in the current was an idea that stemmed from a place where I was at a low point in my art career. I felt like life was dragging me out to sea, further and further away from the goals I had set for myself as an artist. There was a constant battle in my head about whether art was something I could pursue as a career and if I was even any good at it.


Self-doubt can swallow you up pretty fast if you let it. Suddenly your feet cant touch the ground anymore and your trying to keep your head above water but every breath feels like a mouth full of salt water. 

Life is about learning to swim with the current, about being present in the here an now, even when the flow of life is moving all around you.  In the wise words of a forgetful blue tang fish: Just keep swimming.

The collection simplifies and showcases my current artworks and gives you a look behind the scenes at my creative practice. Drawing compositions is where I feel free & intune with my imagination and often where I feel my Creator at work in me.

I hope you enjoy the collection and it encourages you to go out and dive headfirst into an ocean full of experiences.

Tread lightly, give freely, and always love others, love others, love others.


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